The Alpha 50 includes Focal’s Polyglass cone woofer. This Focal-exclusive technology consists of molten glass micro balls on a cellulose pulp core. This ultra-rigid design exceeds single-skin Kevlar and is nearly ten times superior to polypropylene. And what does rigidity mean for you? A super-linear frequency response curve for starters, plus laser-precise midrange definition. The Alpha 50 also contains Focal’s acclaimed inverted-dome tweeter, which offers rapid impulse response and a very short settlement time, along with exceptional damping. The result is a detailed, near-analytical sound with a deep soundstage, neutral frequency response curve, and distortion-free audio reproduction. The Alpha 50 boasts a 45Hz to 22kHz frequency response — enough to tackle your most ambitious projects. And its low directivity maintains the same sound throughout your room.

Focal Alpha 50