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Meet Audio-Wave 

Audio-Wave: The audio/video retail and solutions arm of Accu-Tech.  
Founded in 2016 at the heart of Amman’s modern business centre in the Abdali mall, AudioWave delivers a host of state-of-the-art home entertainment, Audio/video solutions, automation and professional studio products to the ever-expanding client base of its 25year-old parent company, Accu-Tech.  
Audio-Wave provides customers with a tailored home cinema experience to meet the expectations of the modern media consumer.  
With top-of-the-line smart televisions from premium German manufacturer Loewe, advanced cinema-like audio from French audio solutions provider Focal, coupled with cutting edge amplifiers from British Cambridge Audio, Audio-Wave provides the complete home entertainment package for the consumer seeking to create the perfect music or home cinema experience.  
Likewise, our clients can expect the best service and products for assorted audio solutions tailored for homes, halls, theatres, large audiences and places of worship. 
Audio-Wave’s German partner, Beyerdynamic, has a host of modern products tailored to your needs. For the avid audiophile, Audio-Wave’s Beyerdynamic headphones provide only the best sound quality for all types of media consumption, including professional studio headsets for artists, gaming headsets for the gamer, audiophile headphones for the music enthusiast and wireless headsets for the consumer on the go.  
For our corporate and studio clients, Audio-Wave provides the latest and greatest in microphones, audio-conferencing and interpretation equipment.  
Audio-Wave is a leading provider in security, access control and complete home solutions including home automation. 
Audio-Wave also saves its clients precious time by providing all the necessary cables, adapters and other equipment necessary to ensure a smooth experience. 

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