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Active Dynamic Vocal Microphone


The best of two worlds.

The OD505 Active Dynamic Vocal Microphone is designed primarily for the stage, though it is also a very capable microphone for studio application. Uncompromisingly robust, it combines all the advantages of a dynamic microphone with the tonal finesse of a condenser microphone.


The OD505 is the perfect choice for singers, podcasters and radio broadcasters. Its amazingly natural sound makes it very easy to shape and highlight a vocalist’s strengths.


Featuring Austrian Audio’s proprietary Open Acoustics Technology, the OD505 delivers a pristine, natural and resonance-free sound without any colouring.


Made in Austria.



  • ODC50 dynamic capsule
    state-of-the-art dual capsule design for consistent sound.


  • 3D Pop Noise Diffusor

    specially designed for the OD505, this filter effectively reduces the impact of plosives.


  • Rugged die-cast body

    for the most challenging live environments.


  • Switchable Low cut filter

    120 Hz (2nd order)


  • Supercardioid

    Directional characteristic




- Directional characteristic: Supercardioid

- Frequency range: 35 Hz – 16 kHz

- Sensitivity : 4.4 mV/Pa

- Max. SPL: 154 dB SPL

- Low cut filter: 120 Hz (2nd order)

- Impedance: 275 Ω (symmetrical)

- Load impedance: > 1 kΩ

- Supply voltage: 48 V (< 1 mA)

- Main Connector: XLR 3 pin

- Dimensions: 194 x 53x 53 mm

- Weight: 340g




Austrian Audio - OD505 (Dynamic Mic)


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